AllCall W1 Review: Specifications, Features And Price

Smartwatches are the new eye candy available in the market today that is attracting a lot of tech users. Smart watches are basically nothing but your smartphones simplified. But then what’s the catch here?! These smart watches actually come packed with super cool and exciting features. Not many people go for smartwatches because obviously, they are way too expensive. But it’s not like that always. Today we are going to review a smartwatch which is actually quite affordable and at the same time stays true to its technological claims.

The all-new AllCall W1 3G SmartWatch is more than everything you have been waiting for!


The AllCall W1 smartwatch has a luxurious design that you can show off in a crowd. Unlike your ordinary watch, the W1 smartwatch has various built-in face styles from which you can have fun choosing. The watch also has a stainless steel all – metal plating body with precious leather strap. The carefully selected leather strap makes it more comfortable for wearing for long durations and makes the watch wear resistant and corrosion resistant. The strap also has a record of withstanding 100,000 bending tests.


They display is indeed a crucial aspect when it comes to watches. The manufacturers are imposed with the challenge of giving more when all they have is less. With a limited screen size, the display has to be still crystal clear and perfect! The AllCall W1 watch has a powerful AMOLED display screen. AMOLED is the most powerful display technology which is made using luminous properties of the organic metal coating and a glass substrate.


The W1 watch is equipped with the MTK6850 quad-core processor which runs the Android 5.1 operating system. It has a 2GB RAM and a storage capacity of 16 GB which lets you download any app you want. The watch has a 400 MAH battery which provides long-lasting power.


This watch also acts your number one fitness bestie. Even when you forget your everyday workout routine, your watch will keep you in check. The watch has a built-in pedometerwhich tracks your steps taken in a day and also counts the number of calories burnt accordingly. It can also monitor your heart rate in real time! The watch also has a synchronization feature which puts all the important notifications on your home screen which you can see by just sliding the screen. Another cool feature is that, the watch consists of advanced sensors and thus it responds to sensitive reactions. For example, the screen lights up when you raise your hand. It also has a sleep monitor which records your deep sleep as well. You can also connect your watch to your smartphone and make your life much simpler!

The ALLCALL W1 SMART WATH is undoubtedly your life’s best friend. Even when you are in a hurry, this watch can assist you with your daily routine chores and also helps you stay fit.

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